((Banana is ready for the fruit war!))

((Banana is ready for the fruit war!))

but what if you were extra hungry and ate the whole thing :o


Shoot, that IS a big loophole…

Unless it was like a… really satisfying bite.

Or or you keep it plugged in while you chow down, so it comes back way before you get close to eating it all…))

What if recharging it regenerated the bit you ate. -gasp- The end of world hunger. * v *

((Barry, get the Apple company on the horn!))

Edible ipods o v o

((That seems counter-intuitve! XD))

Granny smith’s all the way >u>

((I was about to say “U WANNA GO BRO”

but no, I agree, Granny Smiths are tasty, too. XD))

((Man, that sounds amazing right about now))


Everyday is apple day. And you can stick it in a pie with some vanilla ice cream…

Oh yeah. Apples.))

if we’re talking apples mcintosh are the best probably

((Oh, true!

Though, y’know… Red Delicious apples only cost, like, 2 dollars a pop, and they’re edible. XD))

((Y’know what’s absolutely delicious when it’s fresh?

Red Delicious apples.))

((I did it.

I got the new tablet from Monoprice.

And it